Foreign relations

The department of international relations is the main infrastructure of encouraging and promoting the internationalization of the university.

The main purpose of the department is the solution of the problems set forth in the Strategic Plan, which aims to enhance international cooperation in the fields of education and scientific research, as well as the integration of the university to international scientific and educational activities and programs.

The main functions of the department are

  • To represent the university abroad,
  • To cooperate with corresponding foreign scientific and educational organizations,
  • To cooperate with training and scientific research institutions,
  • To ensure the involvement of guest lecturers in the educational and scientific processes of the University;
  • To organize the involvement of foreign citizens in preparation courses and higher education system in accordance with the regulations approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia,
  • To organize republican and international conferences and seminars together with the department of science.

Emphasizing the importance of establishing and strengthening the University's Internationalization and foreign relations, the University has an office in the Islamic Republic of Iran which provides with the necessary information about University's educational programs and research activities to corresponding Iranian structures and citizens.

UTM cooperates with foreign partners organizing specialized courses, seminars and international conferences.

The participation of the university staff and lecturers in various conferences, seminars, discussions and events organized by various governmental and non-governmental organizations promotes the internationalization of the university.

University professors participate in various training programs abroad (Czech Republic, Russia, France, Israel, etc.), improvement courses, workshops, seminars and international conferences held by different regional and international institutions.

The University organizes trainings with invited foreign experts (from Germany, Russia and the US) who read scientific lectures and hold seminars.

The University also cooperates with the International Academy of Integrative Medicine.

The university collaborates with Armenian Dental Association. Professors and students actively participate in all activities, seminars and international conferences organized by the Dental Association. Many of our professors and students are members of the Association.

 All this, of course, contributes to the achievement of international experience by the lecturers and the students.

The university tries to promote the exchange of experience, the internationalization and improvement of educational programs through international cooperation and contracts.

All this strengthens the international scientific cooperation.

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