Student life

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.                                                                 

 Nelson Mandela

The University of Traditional Medicine, emphasizing student-centered education, also prioritizes effective, multi-faceted student years, students' entertainment, identifying their various needs, problem-solving activities, etc. The activities of the student organizations of UTMA, the Student Council of UTMA and the Student Scientific Society are aimed at achieving these goals.

The student bodies of the University of Traditional Medicine are two: the Student Council and the Student Scientific Society.

The Student Council is an elected representative body of student self-government.

It aims to protect students' rights, discuss their issues and concerns, and present them to their superiors.

The goals of UTMA Student Council and the main directions of its activity:

  • Maintain student participation in university governance,
  • Submit student-related issues to the relevant university governing bodies,
  • Assist in the development and implementation of programs aimed at organizing the educational process and increasing the effectiveness of education,
  • Inform students about their rights and responsibilities,
  • Unite the students of the university in order to promote the creation of a favorable environment for the students, to promote the scientific, educational, spiritual, cultural, creative and physical development of the students,
  • Organize leisure and recreation for students,
  • Participate in maintaining internal discipline in the territory of UTMA, etc.

The governing bodies of the SC are:

a/ president

b/ vice-president

c/ the heads of the commission.

The Student Scientific Society aims to involve students in the scientific and research work carried out at the University, guiding them towards science and at the same time promoting the realization of the scientific potential of the University.

The problems and the main directions of the SSS's activity are:

  • Support and implementation of student initiatives in the field of science and education,
  • Organizing of student conferences, seminars, scientific lectures, other scientific-educational events by including also the extra-university scientific potential,
  • Targeted use of university youth scientific potential and coordinating information on it,
  • Provide comprehensive support to gifted students,
  • Involvement of students in various scientific programs and scientific groups,
  • Publication of students' scientific works and other materials,
  • Establishing contacts with other scientific centers and exchanging information.

The governing bodies of the SSS are:

a/ president of SSS

b/ deputy of the president

c/ secretary.

These two institutions are the main student institutions operating at the university, which are student-led and ensure student participation in the university governance process.

Dear students,

To learn more about the activities of student organizations, we recommend reading the charters of the Student Scientific Society and the Student Council of UTMA.


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