Preparation course

The educational program and the assessment system of the preparation courses are developed and approved by UTM. The students of preparation courses are considered UTM students. The classes are conducted only full-time.

The students expelled from the courses are not admitted back. Preparation courses are not allowed to transfer to another university. The course ends with final examinations, which include Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) and Language courses (Armenian, English, Russian and German). The students are not allowed to take the final examination again, except the cases of absence due to illness (with corresponding document).

Students who have received a positive assessment for the final exam, receive certificate, and are transferred to first year courses. The students who received "unsatisfactory" marks can take relevant reference about participation in preparation course.

The final certificate of preparation courses of other higher educational institutions can be used as a basis for continuing studies in UTM first year course in the case of the compliance of subjects.

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