Academic activity

From its first day the University adopted a clear policy of implementation of theoretical and practical research in accordance with the strategic plan, which is based on the following idea: to restore and to put on scientific basis the diagnosis and treatment methods of traditional medicine.

Research projects include scientific articles, monographs, textbooks, manuals and methodological guidelines. Besides professional staff, the students and alumni also participate in researches.

The initiative to invest centuries-old traditional medicine research in the learning process as well as the best service in the field of integrative medicine were highly appreciated during the international conference held in Cyprus in 1998.

University organizes national and international conferences and seminars. Most of the 200 published theoretical and practical scientific works have been invested into practice.

Head of the Chair of Traditional Medicine A. Minasyan developed method of individual choice of disease diagnosis, complex treatment, herbal medicines and chemicals according to modern and traditional medicine; the Government Patent Office recognized invention and defined copyright.

Taking into account the peculiarities of traditional and modern medicine, methodology of traditional medical research was developed in compliance with the requirements of the World Health Organization (2002), international scientific achievements and development trends.

The main priority of the University is the implementation of scientific directions.

The research is the main direction of professors’ and students’ activity. This strategy of scientific research suggests another solution for interrelated problems:

  • Expansion of scientific research, renovation and scientific proposition of traditional medicine's diagnosis and treatment methods, publication of scientific articles, monographs, manuals, guides and textbooks;
  • Development of the scientific potential of the UTM, promotion of professors’ and students’ scientific research on the basis of the results of the studies;
  • Development of educational program of “Traditional medicine”, making bases for the development of the program of “Integrative medicine”, creating a solid educational base.

As a result of studies of the Chair of "Traditional medicine" developed the programs of "Acupuncture”, “Apitherapy”, “Homeopathy”, “Iridology”, “Leech Therapy”, “Manual therapy”, “Phytotherapy” and other educational programs.

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