University’s reporting consists of the information supplied to internal and external. Internal reporting process is done according to the internal regulatory documents of the UTM: University, SC, Dean, Chairs, and Department of Education and SMTC regulations.

Internal reporting process is carried out mainly in the form of reports made by university departments. The reporting results of the university's department’s activities are presented and discussed at the meetings of the University Council.

The main sources of information of the UTM’s activities in the field of state and public reports are:

  • Statistical Report of the SMTC to the Ministry of Health of RA;
  • The annual report of the University to the National Statistical Service;
  • The reporting of non-state higher education institutions;
  • One of the main parts of reporting is the annual reports on the financial performance, financial expenses and income;
  • The report of the UTM committee for final certification to the Ministry of Education and Science of RA.

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