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About library

From the day of the establishment of the University of Traditional Medicine, the library has been operating as an important and integral part of the educational process (for 30 years). From the day of its establishment till today, the library works in accordance with the educational-scientific process of the university. The library effectively cooperates with the Department of Education, the Chairs, the Dean's Office, the Scientific Department of UTM, the Student Council and with the UTM’s Student Scientific society’s other departments.

All sections of the library - reading room, computer room, e - book service hall - work together to meet the needs of students and professors. The mission of the library is to facilitate the educational process by providing access to information and modern services, as well as to supplement and provide readers with both printed and electronic databases.

The library cooperates with a number of library organizations, including the National Scientific-Medical Library of the NIH (National Institute of Health), whose funds are fully used by the students and lecturers of the National Library of Armenia, the Association of Digital Libraries of Armenia, and with a number of other institutions.

The University focuses on providing students with access to a wide range of international electronic resources. On this occasion, the ABA Library regularly acquires free access to electronic databases, as well as subscribes to a number of popular electronic journals, including medical ones.

In addition to updating book databases, the University is regularly supplemented with the support of faculty by electronic versions of lectures on various subjects, electronic literature used by the lecturer related to the subject, and other electronic supporting materials.




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