The Presentation of the

Within the framework of the jubilee events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of UTM, the Presentation of the "Biochemistry Laboratory Handbook" of the head of the chair of "Natural subjects", Ph.D. Hayarpi Javrushyan was held. The educational-methodical handbook is intended for the implementation of practical-laboratory classes of foreign language students of the General Medicine and Dentistry faculties of UTM. It includes basic rules of laboratory safety techniques, basic principles of use of modern equipment, methodical instructions for qualitative-quantitative analysis of biomolecules, skills for using various scientific platforms on the Internet. The handbook also includes knowledge testing, summative tests, and discussion questions to help the student prepare for the current final exams.

The book can be useful for students of other medical universities, as well as for students in the field of science, postgraduate students, researchers and lecturers.

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