The groundbreaking ceremony of the new building of the University

The groundbreaking ceremony of the new building of the University took place on June 17, 2021, where the founders, employees, guests and builders of the university were present. The ceremony began with the opening and congratulatory words of the founders of the university, Rector Norayr Saribekyan and Dean Anahit Karapetyan.

She briefly presented the history of the establishment of the University, particularly highlighting the groundbreaking ceremony, she said:

“Back in 1991, when the University of Traditional Medicine was founded, one of the most cherished dreams of the founders was to have their own educational building. And the rector started the process of acquiring his own building. Overcoming many hardships, he succeeded and UTM was the only educational institution of those years, whose students received education under the arches of their own beautiful building with a rich, well-equipped base. Emphasizing the need of having its own clinic for a medical university, in 1997 the Scientific Medical Center of the University was established. The next step was the construction of a separate building for that center, which was successfully completed in 2005.

Today begins the first phase of the implementation of one of the many ideas of the founders regarding the future of the university. And this is just the beginning. This new building with its modern, comfortable conditions will serve several purposes: educational, clinical, laboratory research, etc. The new building will complement what it has created over the years, so the university will have a beautiful complex of buildings, which will oblige both the university administration and staff, as well as faculty and students, to ensure a level of education to be appropriate to the building conditions. It has been a month since the adjacent area to the main building of the university was turned into a construction site, construction process is busy…”

The groundbreaking memorandum was read by Nvard Tarjumanyan, Head of the General Department of Human Resources Management of UTM, a distinguished employee.

“By the will of the Almighty God, on June 17, 2021, the groundbreaking of the new building of the University of Traditional Medicine was started. The construction is carried out on the initiative and efforts of the founders of the University of Traditional Medicine Mr. Norayr Saribekyan and Mrs. Anahit Karapetyan. God willing, the school will continue to be an exemplary educational institution, will provide a proper level of education, its graduates will continue to complement the domestic and foreign health systems. The school was and is going to be the cradle of medical training for present and future generations.

Strength and stability to the foundation of a new building.

Toast to the founders, success in the field of education, and new achievements to Vahe Khachaturyan, a grandson of the founders, who will continue to develop their patriotic work”.

The memorandum signed by the founders laid the foundation of the building and gave the official start of the construction of the new building of the university.

Those, who were present expressed their sincere wishes with enthusiasm on this important initiative, wishing them new successes and achievements.

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