Online conference of Student Scientific Society of Traditional Medicine University, 2020

On December 8, 2020, the online conference of the Student Scientific Society of the University of Traditional Medicine took place, where the senior students of the Faculty of Medicine of the University spoke on various topics related to traditional and modern medicine.

The conference was organized by the University's "Surgical Subjects" department and "Department of Traditional Medicine after E. Minasyan”.

The scientific supervisors of the topics were the Head of the Scientific Department of the UTM, Candidate of Biological Sciences Roman Hovsepyan and Head of the "Chair of Surgical Subjects", Doctor of Medical Sciences Rafael Manvelyan.

The conference program of the Student Scientific Society was as follows:

1. "Treatment of diverticulitis"

Speaker: Muhammad Abdullah Hassan (General Medicine, 5th year)

2. "Arteriosclerosis"

Speaker: Shad Shwan (General Medicine, 5th year),

3. "Akhalazia"

Speaker: Aram Siyaman (General Medicine, 5th year),

4. "Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria",

Speaker: Trush Kapadia (General Medicine, 4th year)

5. "Goitre" (enlarged thyroid gland),

Speaker: Ziyad Tarik Jamal (General Medicine, 4th year),

6. "Large Artery Transfer"

Speakers: Sheba Mary Roymon, Soujanya Munica Racharla (General Medicine, 4th year)

7. Therapeutic use of mulatto (tombstone)

Speaker: Sana Sharafudin (General Medicine, 5th year),

8. Therapeutic use of tamarind

Speaker: Shaima Baker (General Medicine, 5th year),

9. "Traditional acid treatment in Kurdistan"

Speaker: Afrodin Kamil (General Medicine, 5th year).

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