On business trip to Tbilisi Medical Academy

The working group, formed by the order of UTM Rector N. Saribekyan, was sent to Tbilisi Medical Academy in the Republic of Georgia from 04.09.2024 to 04.11.2024.

The main purpose of the business trip was to expand the university's international relations at the university and program levels, actively engage in the internationalization of educational programs, experience exchange processes, study the teaching and evaluation methods recommended by the World Federation of Medical Education, WFME (OSPE, OSCE, Bedside Teaching, CBL, PBL), the experience of medical universities used for the assessment of medical skills and make it applicable in the UTM as well.

The working group was comprised of university administrative staff and professors.

According to the agenda, meetings were held with I. Shotadze, the Rector of Tbilisi Medical Academy, Vice Rector for Science, Vice Rector for External Relations, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dean of the Faculty, Coordinator of Educational Programs and Head of Quality Assurance Department.

During the visit, a number of issues aimed at the improvement of educational programs and further cooperation were discussed, a tour of the academy was made, the infrastructures were studied, especially the anatomy, biochemistry laboratories, OSPE, OSCE exam rooms. Participation in lectures was also done.

The work trip was also highlighted by the fact that a bilateral cooperation agreement was signed between the two medical universities.

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