Indian Ambassador Yogeshwar Sangwan's visit to the University of Traditional Medicine

The Ambassador of India to the Republic of Armenia Yogeshwar Sangwan was hosted at the University of Traditional Medicine. This was his first visit to the University. Dean Anahit Karapetyan welcomed the ambassador and the guests, underlining the importance of the Armenian-Indian relations, reminding that they originated millennia ago.

"The Armenian-Indian relations develop in all spheres including science and education," said dean Anahit Karapetyan, noting that in this friendly relationship, the University of Traditional Medicine has its contribution. The dean also mentioned that University prepares high-level medical scientists who are experienced in using scientific empirical methods of diagnosis and treatment of traditional and modern medicine.

Indian Ambassador Yogeshwar Sangva was grateful for the invitation. He noted that Indian students feel good in the university, adding: "I do not know an Indian who does not feel happy in Armenia."

According to the students, the university is a home for them, where everyone feels safe and protected. And they are very pleased with the education in the University.

At the end of the meeting, the guests enjoyed the performance of UTM foreign students.

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