Event dedicated to Armenian language

On the 24th of May, 2019 at the University of Traditional Medicine there was a unique event. Most of the students came to the university with their national bright costumes. What happened? The thing was that they had prepared for the University's traditional end-year event, the slogan of which was "I love You, Armenian Language". The event began with the poem "The Armenian Language" by Shiraz which the Indian student recited. Then one after another the students of different nationalities who are studying at the university pleasantly surprised the guests with their beautiful poetry in Armenia. The hall was embraced with Armenian language. The Armenian patriotic "Getashen" song was heard. The meaningful poetries of Sevak, Shiraz, Terian, Tumanyan and Charents were listened pleasantly by everybody. Students were enthusiastic and excited. The event was also accompanied with songs and dances from different nations, bringing great satisfaction to those present. The 150th anniversaries of Armenian great composer Komitas and of great Armenian poet-writer H. Tumanyan were celebrated. In general, our university looks a lot like a warm, multinational family whose members love and respect each other and value each other’s culture. With their enthusiastic performances they improved that they love Armenia and the Armenian nation. We are sure that in the future they will become the vivid ambassadors of Armenia in their countries where they will worthily represent our national culture. The event was organized by the Chair of “Humanitarian subjects” of UTMA with the help of the distinguished and experienced lecturer Amalya Grigoryan and Tatev Khachatryan.


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