A regular student conference was held at the University of Traditional Medicine

On 25th of May, 2023, Student Conference "Integrative Medicine, Based on Evidence" took place. The Conference was organized by the UTMA Department of Science and Student Scientific Society (SSS). The students had the opportunity to address their scientific reports in two major sections of the Conference:

1. Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine

2. Healthy lifestyle

UTMA students presented their  scientific reviews in accordance with these sections. The presentations gave comprehensive insight into tissue engineering, sports medicine, harmful habits, screening modalities and many more topics. After the end of the first part, a Student Scientific Debate was also held. The topic was "Obesity is more of a risk factor than a disease" - indeed an important issue to address in the context of current healthcare and biomedical science. The Student Scientific Debate Club is completely organized by the Student Scientific Society of the UTMA.

 In the debate, the students' points of view for and against were carefully discussed and evaluated by the jury selected from the teaching staff of ABU.

The Conference Proceedings materials are currently being prepared for publication.

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