A lecture on "Tissue engineering and 3D Bioprinting " has taken place

Today, on April 25, a lecture has taken place by the head of the scientific department of the UTMA, doctor Vahan Grigoryan. The topic of the lecture is Tissue engineering and 3D Bioprinting. Tissue engineering is an innovative scientific discipline that aims to engineer living tissues in laboratory conditions using living cells, extracellular matrix substitutes a.k.a. scaffolds, and bioactive substances. Bioprinting is one of the most advanced branches of tissue engineering, in which special three-dimensional printers - bioprinters - are used to create viable tissues in a layer-by-layer fashion. In this process, mixtures of cells and biomaterials are used that are known as bioinks. The lecture is mainly intended for 5th and 6th year students of UTMA.

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