The second open lecture of the Open Science project of the University of Traditional Medicine

Օn 21st of July, the Second Session of the UTMA Open Science project took place in a hybrid format. UTMA Open Science is a series of open scientific events, which is organized by the UTMA Department of Science. This time, our special invited guest lecturer was Dr. Jacopo Pruccoli, an Italian neuropsychiatrist from the University of Bologna and the Institute of Neurological Sciences of Bologna. The lecture was dedicated to the feeding and eating disorders in children and adolescents. Both theoretical and practical aspects were covered in this lecture. Dr. Pruccoli also shared information about the current research projects in this field, which are implemented by him and his colleagues at the University of  Tübingen, Germany. The event was attended by not only students and specialists from the UTMA, but also by scientists, physicians and students from other universities and research centres. Armenian Public Television made a special report about this project of the University of Traditional Medicine (see the link below).

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