The admission of the applicants to UTM is done in accordance with the "State and non-state higher education institutions admission regulations" approved by the Government decree.

Applicants must pass unified state examinations for admission to UTM. Applicants are entitled to take two of these three competitive disciplines: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Armenian language as a non-competitive subject. Examinations are arranged and conducted by the Assessment and Testing Center, which is managed by the Government.

The applicant must have a state-recognized certificate of secondary, vocational or pre-vocational education. Foreign citizens may also apply.


  1. Statement with a photo to confirm that the applicant is in Graduation class, approved by the head of the school (for the graduates of previous years, the diploma or certificate);
  2. 6 photos (3x4 cm);
  3. Document on Military Service involvement;
  4. ID document (passport, military card, birth certificate, certificate of refugee, RA special passport, residency card). In the case of the absence of passport or birth certificate temporary identity document approved by the RA Police;
  5. Military card or a reference from Military Commissariat on the ongoing military service, the description and the address.


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