Cricket League

On  September 22, 2019, in the framework of cooperation between  University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia and "Campus International" LLC, the Cricket League was organized in Avan Sport School.

The event was managed by the Campus International. 6 teams consisted of 66 players took part in the event including students of University of Traditional Medicine and other Universities in Armenia.

The players from different courses of  UTM Black Vultures team were:Hirfan Mohammed, Abdul Haseeb, Stevenson Onisherithottathil  Jaison,Roshan Rasheed,Muhammed Rafidh and Hashiq Sha. The tournament was inaugurated by Mr. Ashok Krishna Campus International Managing Director.

All teams played with great sportsman spirit an enthusiasm. The League was won by White Sharks.The team Black Vultures took the second place.

Man of the Series- Nikhil Nair (Team Black Vultures,);

Best Bowler of the Series- Faizal Fayaz (Team White Sharks).

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