Dear Students,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the UTMA 2021 Student Scientific Conference, which will held on the 12th of November 2021 at the university.

Rules and suggestions for the presentations of the conference

Please, submit your presentation (as a Power Point file) and an accompanying text (minimum 1000 words in a separate text file) to the head of the Scientific department Roman Hovsepyan (room 402; at least one week before the conference date. The presentation and the text both shall have the following sections:

•             Title

•             Author(s)

•             Affiliation(s), e.g. University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia, 501

•             Introduction

•             Methodology (optional)

•             Results and Discussion / Data and interpretation

•             Conclusions

•             Used References (mandatory!)

•             Acknowledgements (optional)

We suggest that you agree the topics you plan to present for the conference with your supervising lecturers. The administration holds the right to reject presentations, which do not correspond to general requirements for scientific study or have no firm relation to medicine.

Please, contact with the heads of the UTMA Student Scientific Society Ziad Tariq or Ashkan Salehi if you have questions about the organizational part of the conference,

Or Dr. Roman Hovsepyan, if you have questions regarding the scientific side of your study/presentation.

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