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The competition ''We are Doctors''

The competition ''We are Doctors'' was held in the University of Traditional Medicine. The organizers of the event were the Student Council and the Student Scientific Society.
The main purpose of the event was to broaden the outlook of the students in the sphere of medicine and also to reveal the smartest students of the UTMA.
In the second part of the competition the students were given the chance to show their artistic talent.
The President of Jury, Vice-Rector, Associate Professor Arayik Gyozalyan welcomed the teams and highlighted the importance of such events.
The President of SSS, Ofelya Nazaryan mentioned in her speech that the future doctors of the UTM spare neither effort nor expense to do their best in their studies.
The competition was held in English language. The referee of the competition was Dentistry, 4th year student Asra Sharifi.
It’s worth mentioning, that 3 groups consisted of 5 students participated in the competition.
At the end of the game, the jury members summed up the total results of the competition.
The team “Skull scavengers” - first place,
The team “Santa doctors” - second place,
The team “Hippocrates”- third place.

Besides, there were three additional nominations: “The best staging”, “Anatomy Expert” and “Biology Expert".
The team “Hippocrates” - The best staging
The team “Santa doctors” - Anatomy Expert

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